Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Artists & Makers Festival

So excited to be exhibiting at the Festival on Saturday.  I've been busy boxing up all my creations:

I feel really honored to have been selected to be part of this!  It is organised by the amazing Artists & Makers Guild who promote some of the extraordinary talent - artists, designers and makers that are working in tucked away workshops and studios all across the South-East and the UK.

I love the fact that there will be workshops running there all day and all of us exhibiting have been encouraged to bring our latest work to show crafts in action - if possible - no Ghost pottery moments at exhibitors tables I'm afraid!  

I can't wait! Here is a sneak preview of some of my work:

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Thoughtful Thursday with Origami Girl UK

Well, today my thoughts are about how precious our ability to pursue our passions is!  For the last 2 months I have had an eye ulcer - a tiny 1.5mm ulcer - that has totally destroyed my ability to do any origami.

One of the side effects has been severe photophobia meaning any exposure to light has been painful and I couldn't keep my eye open.  So I haven't been able to work, drive, watch tv, read, go outside etc etc.  In the last couple of weeks I've gradually been able to keep my eye open long enough to start working again and even a couple of short drives.  What a relief!!!  It's been so boring and purposeless!!

Now, the point of this is not to generate sympathy - I've been feeling sorry enough for myself!  The point is how lucky I am now to be getting back to doing what I want - including my daily hours of crafting.  It's such a joy to make stuff!  I love it and have really missed it!  I was dreading permanent damage and not being able to craft anymore.

For the hundreds of crafters who have a daily battle to do what you love - I salute you!!!!!  Keep up the battle with your arthritis, fibro, migraines etc etc etc - a handmade world is a happy world!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Origami Girl's Wedding Course!

Exciting News!  I am running a wedding course at the fabulous Shopfest Craft Den!  I can't wait!  The possible uses for origami for weddings is endless so I am thrilled to be sharing my skills!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Style it Saturday with Origami Girl UK

Today I'm going to use my blog to talk about my own products!  I've created a range of wedding products and I'd love your comments on what you think works and what I can improve.  I really love the idea that I will be creating something unique and special to the couple getting married.  Mainly I will be creating items for them tailored to their colour theme etc but I thought a beautiful ready made range might be good for people to pick and mix from - what do you think?

I started with the paper choice which is a really pretty dainty floral pattern:

Such a pretty paper!

Then I started with the most important part - the Bride's bouquet!  I really like the idea that you can keep it forever.  I made it from origami lily flowers, some with smaller pink flowers inserted into them and some with really pretty pink gems to catch the light!

View from above - you can see the gems and inserts.

You can see the velvet handle.

Then I thought about the bridesmaids and made a ball they can hang from their wrists out of a mixture of the floral paper and the pretty raspberry paper I have chosen as the accent colour in the range.  Instead of inserts all the flowers are the same size.  I wanted it to compliment the brides bouquet rather than match it.

Then I thought about the Groom and his men and came up with a button hole that compliments the bridal bouquet but it unique to the Groom.

Next was the reception and I created some products for the tables:

Also useful as cake toppers!  Larger size useful for chair and pew decorations.

Placecards using the same flowers as the Bridal Bouquet.

Pretty tealight holders for the evening.

Favour boxes.
So that is the range - all feedback gratefully received!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Make it Monday with Origami Girl UK

As it's coming up to Valentine's Day I thought our 'make' today should be something you can give your loved one.  It's a lovely little heart message card.  As always, let me see your finished result - origamishopuk@gmail.com.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Make it Monday with Origami Girl UK

I wanted to post something useful for you today.  These days a lot of people ask for money or a voucher for Christmas, which is great because they can get exactly what they want, but it doesn't feel very personal.  Here is a great way to make it unique to you:

It is a really nice envelope you can fold around the money or voucher.  You can use any paper you want, bearing in mind that you will see both sides in the finished envelope.

Have fun!